Rapid Second Opinions

Speak with one of our Oncologists for a Rapid Second Opinion on your diagnosis.

When it comes to your cancer treatment, you have choices. It’s important to explore your options. Rapid second opinions can help you make informed decisions about your treatment and choose the best facility and cancer experts for your individual needs.

What is a Second Opinion?

Summit’s board-certified oncologists are available to provide rapid second opinions about your treatment. When you contact us for a personal second-opinion consultation, a Summit oncologist may:

  • Provide a comprehensive evaluation of your medical history and type and stage of cancer.
  • Recommend additional diagnostic imaging to confirm cancer type and stage.
  • Explore advanced treatment options and potential clinical trial opportunities.
  • Discuss the benefits of a facility that integrates surgical oncology and advanced medical oncology treatments with compassionate care.

Second opinions are typically covered by major insurance plans.

Contact Summit today to speak with a board-certified oncologist – 509-462-2273.

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